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Free Creative Commons Visuals for VJs

Category : Uncategorized Jan 8th, 2015

A few years ago, some friends and I created these visuals for a dance music event in Valladolid (Spain). We decided to release them under a CC license so anybody could use them.

And this is how they sounded:

I had almost forgot about them, but today I stumbled upon them and, to my surprise realized they had a few thousand views! And someone commented asking for a link. So, since late is better than never, I decided to upload the original files and share the links, just in case someone still wants to use them.

Mosquito Pink
Random Wind

Unfortunately they’re not in HD and have watermarks, but I don’t have the original projects so nothing can be done.

Happy VJing!

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Dj Loncho
5 years ago · Reply

Gracias por las visuales,las bajaré,checkea mi página : tranmsión de videos musicales y audio,saludos.

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