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Multi-Catch: My First Android Game

Category : Uncategorized Aug 7th, 2013

Multi-Catch GameplayOne of the things that make Processing an incredibly useful tool, is it’s ability to export native Android applications. Developing for Android without Processing is not precisely simple nor intuitive. You need to have a base in Java SE, study the Android API and become familiar with Eclipse, the IDE Android recommends (Althoug they are already developing their own IDE, based on IntelliJ).

So it’s a relief that there is an alternative for those cases in which one just wants to try some idea or develop more visual aplications or games. Those who can program something in Processing just have to download the Android SDK and try the applications on the phone or tablet. And if you want to make use of the possibilities that these devices offer (multi-touch screens, accelerometers, cameras…), you can do it by means of the Ketai library. Followink the link you’ll also find a book that I found quite useful to learn how to use it quickly.

And to practice, I decided to make a little game: Multi-Catch. For those of you who want to try it, you can download the apk file here. The objective of the game is to catch squares with one finger and circles with the other, without “untouching” the screen.

The result is not very impressive: the main menu and logo/icon are pretty dull, it doesn’t have sound, the first finger that touches the screen always has to catch squares and there are plenty of improvements from which the game could benefit.
Nevertheless, I’m happy with this first experience and I’m looking forward to making the next app. Maybe something related with music. We’ll see…

By the way, the game’s menus weren’t made in Processing but in Eclipse.

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Leo Loyola
1 year ago · Reply

Muy fácil de hacer y muy instructivo, gracias por compartir tu sabiduría

    1 year ago · Reply

    Me alegro de que te haya servido

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