Roman Ljubimov Dacko is an award-winning music producer, filmmaker and artist working on projects like these:

Carolaren Arima OST


Music composition for the project Carolaren Arima by Elektrart. A weekly audiovisual show with synchronized music and lighting on the Carola crane, next to the Itsasmuseum Bilbao (Basque Maritime Museum) in Bilbao.

Fridays and Saturdays at 20:00.

Aguo - Fret Loss


Once upon a time, I had a 6-string fretless bass. These 2 songs are what remains.

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I was commissioned by Kudetek E-Solutions to compose and produce a soundtrack for a musical kür, commonly known as freestyle to music. This is a kind of dressage in which the horses paces are set to music to create a competitive dance.

The soundtrack's style was inspired by a playlist with songs that the rider likes.

Ten Ten


A song composed with my wife, Mio Akiyoshi. She sings in Japanese in this dark track.

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Dear Leader


7-track album made in 7 weeks.

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Ambient music created using only nature sounds recorded in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Japan) for the Yamaguchi Artist Support Program “SEEDS” Exhibition.


Music Typography Design

Ongoing collaborative project with Pablo Escauriaza from Hibernando Studios. Focusing on improvisation with electronic music and generative visuals.

This project was in the semifinals of the XXXI Villa de Bilbao Pop-Rock Contest in the Urban Category.

from the woods...

Short Film Music

An experimental short film that explores the relation between humans, their environment and their belongings.

Awards, Nominations and Screenings:

  • II Concurs de Creació Musical i Vídeo Art – 1st prize, Musical Videoart (Andorre)
  • Golden Boll Film Festival 2010 – Short Experimental Film Jury Special Award (Turkey)
  • Encuentros Jóvenes Artistas de Navarra 2009 – 2nd prize (Spain)
  • 22nd Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey)
  • III Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey 2010 (Cuba)
  • Yamaguchi Artist Support Program “SEEDS” Exhibition (Japan)
  • 7th Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)
  • VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival 2010 (Bulgaria)
  • Bornshorts 2010 Film Festival – ‘Night Bar’ programme (music videos) (Denmark)
  • Lviv International Festival of Visual Art WIZ-ART (Ukraine)
  • 8vo. Festival Internacional del Cine Pobre Humberto Solás – Animation and Videoart in the Informative Section (Cuba)
  • Videolab Project 2010 (Portugal)
  • Barcelona Visual Sound 2010. Festival Audiovisual de Creació Jove – Videocreation Section (Spain)
  • Cinemad 2009, finalista premio especial IguaPop Gallery – Videocreation Category (Spain)
  • IV Concurso Nacional de Cine de “Animainzón” (Spain)
  • V Concurso de Cortometrajes de Estella/Lizarra (Spain)
  • 2º Festival de Cortos Rodinia (Spain)

Aguo - Realized Distortion

Music Product Design

My first full-length album, released on a handmade ceramic USB. Each USB was beautifully designed and hand-crafted by Iván Jiménez.

This album accounts for a year and a half of composing, recording and mixing in Bilbao. Very talented musicians have participated in this project: Keyboardist Elhadji Mbaye, singer Aneguria with her lyrics and powerful voice and Malte Marten from Yatao with his BElls handpan.

The songs in this album took Aguo to the finals of the 26th Villa de Bilbao Pop-Rock Contest in the Electronic and Other Tendencies Category.

"When an album is this happy from start to finish, it’s impossible to resist. The multiple timbres, from flutes to hammers to thumb piano to waves, offer more variety than is normally embedded in such an album. Realized Distortion is something special, a boisterous work that looks and sounds like what it is: a joyous handheld object, an hour-long party embedded in a ceramic stick." Richard Allen,

I’m very grateful for this collaborations as well as for Marisa Hudlin’s cover art, Laima Lisauskiene’s booklet design and Hibernando Studio’s packaging design.

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Ni Tacones Ni Pones

Short Film Music

The old part of Pamplona becomes an instrument for the main character of this short film.

Co-created with Daniel Alonso.

Awards, Nominations and Screenings:

  • II Computer Made Video Contest of the Youth House of Pamplona – 1st prize (Spain)
  • III Shortfilm Contest of Estella – Videocreation Award (Spain)
  • Encuentros de Jóvenes Artistas de Navarra 2007 – Special Jury Award (Spain)
  • 5th Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)
  • II Festival Jove de Curtmetratges de L’Hospitalet de temática metropolitana, Metropol’his (Spain)
  • VIII Festival de Cine de Pamplona (Spain)
  • 6º Festival de Curtemtratges del Masnou FASCURT 08 (Spain)
  • VII Muestra de Cortometrajes de 3 Cantos (Spain)
  • Toho Cinemas Student Film Festival – Animated short film category finalist (Japan)

Tabakalera Interactive Graffiti OST

Music Sound Design

In this project started by Fabian Morales Sánchez, I was commissioned to compose and produce various musical fragments for an interactive mural in the Ubik maker library in Tabakalera (San Sebastián).

After seeing 400 Muralismo’s playful design proposal, I decided to use a mix of analogue sounds from instruments like the Slovak koncovka or the Peruvian quena with digital sounds and effects.

Men in Pink

Short Film Music

The Association for the Preservation of the Culture of Miyano (Yamaguchi) organizes this unique festival twice a year. I was given the chance to participate 3 times as a “pink man”. This short film documents both festivals that took place in 2010.

As a sign of gratitude, the Association members gave me a pair of signed fundoshi.