I'm Roman Ljubimov Dacko
award-winning music producer, filmmaker and artist

Aguo - Realized Distortion

Music Product Design

My first full-length album, released on a handmade ceramic USB. Each USB was beautifully designed and hand-crafted by Iván Jiménez.

This album accounts for a year and a half of composing, recording and mixing in Bilbao. Very talented musicians have participated in this project: Keyboardist Elhadji Mbaye, singer Aneguria with her lyrics and powerful voice and Malte Marten from Yatao with his BElls handpan.

The songs in this album took Aguo to the finals of the 26th Villa de Bilbao Pop-Rock Contest in the Electronic and Other Tendencies Category.

"When an album is this happy from start to finish, it’s impossible to resist. The multiple timbres, from flutes to hammers to thumb piano to waves, offer more variety than is normally embedded in such an album. Realized Distortion is something special, a boisterous work that looks and sounds like what it is: a joyous handheld object, an hour-long party embedded in a ceramic stick." Richard Allen, acloserlisten.com)

I’m very grateful for this collaborations as well as for Marisa Hudlin’s cover art, Laima Lisauskiene’s booklet design and Hibernando Studio’s packaging design.

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